Beyond last-click attribution: Other success metrics you should be tracking

Conversions are an important success metric, but they don’t tell the whole story. Columnist Kristie Colby discusses the importance of taking the whole customer journey into account. Digital marketing involves a series of opportunities to engage prospective customers; focus on your buyer’s entire journey, not just their final destination. Read the full text on:


Five reasons for website traffic’s ups and downs

Have you ever looked at your website performance and wondered why your web traffic dipped so significantly in November compared with October or other peak traffic months? Fluctuations in web traffic can be alarming, but they’re totally normal. Having a better understanding of the causes behind changes in web traffic can help B2B companies make better-informed digital marketing decisions…. Read the full text on:


4 Tips to be a More Effective Communicator

I have found that communication can be one of the harder skills to master – largely because it tends to be an “add-on” to the skills that are required to do our jobs from a technical perspective (we search marketers can be total geeks about our work!)

Here are 4 easy tips to help you communicate more effectively on the job. Read more


4 Ways Search Marketers Can Become More Effective Communicators

You may be great at your job, but are things getting lost in translation between you and the client? Contributor Kristie Colby shares tips for ensuring everyone’s getting their message across. Read the full text on:


How to Survive Change in a Digital Marketing Agency…And Learn to Love It!

Most people have a hard time dealing with change. It’s disruptive and it can be challenging, and yet it’s a part of life. In the online marketing industry, change is the norm. We are constantly keeping up with the latest innovation, algorithm update, advertising feature, and technology… add to that frequent personnel and client changes! So how do we cope with this constant state of change? Here are a few things I have learned that help me navigate change in a digital marketing agency… Read more


Hiring a Search Marketing Agency: 4 Essential Questions To Ask

There are many questions that should be asked during an RFP or interview process for hiring a Digital/Search Marketing Agency. After executing countless client on-board processes, I have found that ensuring a good fit between a client and an agency comes down to asking the right questions. I recommend that you ask these 4 critical questions before you select a digital/search partner… Read more


Search Marketing: A Year in Review 2013

As the year comes to a close, it seems everyone is looking back on how far we’ve come.  January of 2013 is a faraway place and all of the animals Google has thrown at us since (including a Hummingbird) leave us not too worse for the ware.

So if you struggle to remember all that has been in 2013, you are in luck. Search Engine Land has compiled year end lists, stories and recaps to refresh your memory and get you poised for a great 2014. Read more